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Oncoming International Teaching Week

Teachers and their topics

Adela Badau, University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Tirgu Mures, Romania
Dana Badau, University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Tirgu Mures, Romania
Marie Biermann, Deutsche Sporthochschule Köln, Germany
Cora Burnett, University of Johannesburg, South Africa
Billy Graeff, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil
Debbie Hellerstein, Academic College at Wingate, Israel
Anastasyia Khomutova, University of Brighton, UK
Engela van der Klashorst, University of Pretoria, South Africa
Geoff Kohe, University of Worcester, UK
Yael Netz, Academic College at Wingate, Israel
Graham Spacey, University of Brighton, UK
Sima Zach, Academic College at Wingate, Israel


Previous ITWs

9th International Teaching Week, November 7th–11th 2016

Timetable (Last update Nov 4th 2016)
List of Topics

More about teachers and their topics:

Marko Aleksandrovic
Lenka Dušková
Bojan Jorgic
Petar Mitic
Yael Netz
Marzena Pelczynska
Ignacio Ruiz Perez & Shaheera Ajmal
Dragan Radovanovic

8th International Teaching Week, April 8th–14th 2016

List of topics

Teachers and their topics:
Justyna Cieplik: Railway Heritage Tourism – Polish and Czech Perspective
Jonathan Hughes: Monitoring Neuromuscular Performance in Team Sport Athletes; Neuromuscular Readiness to Perform in Fileld Based Sports
Jolanta Jablonkowska: Backpacking – A Comtemporary Form of Travel
Bilal Karakoc: Sport Ergonomics; Sport Marketing
Geoffery Kohe: Advertures in an Olympic State; Finding Unexpected Plaesure in Physical Activity Obsession: Geocaching, Healthy Lifestyles and Global Participatory Communities
Malcolm McLean: Developing Community Health & Physical Activity Interventions: What Are We Trying to Achieve?; Assessing Comunity Health & Physical Activity Interventions: How Do We Know They Work?
Kwok Ng: Using International Classification of Functioning (ICF) as a Part of Physical Activity Assessment
Ahmet Haktan Sivrikaya: Do You Know HEMSBALL?

7th International Teaching Week, November 2nd–6th 2015


Teachers and their topics:
Jeff J. Martin: Disability Sport and Exercise Psychology: From Paralympics to Physical Activity Participation
Mary-Grace de La Peña & Shaheera Ajmal: Reliability of Breathing Assessment and Chest Expansion Measurement in Children
Nuala O'Donovan: Irish Dancing
Eliza Souza: Forró: A Brazilian Dance
Ilse Hemmelmayr: Table Climbing
Reza Abdollahipour: Sport Tourism in Iran
Milena Vagaja: Inclusive Education in Serbia
Peter Rehor: Academic and Professional Opportunities in the US, Canada & Australia in Sport Science and P.E.
Donald N. Roberson, Jr.: Research in Leisure Time
Shuang Chen: Tai Chi

6th International Teaching Week, April 13th–17th 2015


Teachers and their topics:
Alessandra Maria Pinto Pereira (Spain)
Irem Uz (Turkey)
Nilay Arman (Turkey)

5th International Teaching Week, November 3rd–7th 2014

List of topics

4th International Teaching Week, April 7th–11th 2014

List of topics

3rd International Teaching Week, November 4th–8th 2013

List of topics

2nd International Teaching Week, April 15th–19th 2013

List of topics

1st International Teaching Week, November 5th–9th 2012

List of topics

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